We've combined the best of a consultancy, creative agency, and development hub under one roof

While the journey changes based on your needs, the core approach stays the same.

Whether you simply want us to bring your content to life, design something from the ground up or solve a wicked learning problem at your organisation – our journeys ensure we’re on the path to success.

We’ll help you choose the right technology and add-on capabilities for your solution from jaw-dropping 3D animation to virtual-reality learning.

How we make amazing


Great learning design happens when the right foundations are in place.

We get to know your learners, organisation, and technology requirements first. Our learning strategies define how we can make a difference to your future
and your learners.


Our team crafts learning that resonates.

We combine the best technology and learning design practice—helping your learners stay engaged for longer.


We bring your content to life and create extraordinary interactive learning.

Whether it’s HTML5, TinCan, 3D animation, or live-action video—we’ve got the latest technology, tools and techniques at our disposal.


Our cloud-based learner management system, Clui, is changing the LMS game.

Clui thrives on rich, interactive content, allowing organisations to offer an unparalleled learning experience.

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Add-on capabilities

Need something specific? We offer a suite of add-on capabilities that can be incorporated into any solution. Whatever your project needs, we’ve got the skills in-house to make it happen.

Motion-Graphics Icon

Motion-graphics Video

Motion-graphics video combines video and audio to create a powerful visual tool that allows you to engage learners, and communicate a succinct message across your organisation. Our team will script and storyboard a video that can transform complex ideas into something truly memorable.

3D Animation Icon

3D Animation

3D Animation gives you the power to re-create a dangerous incident, explain a complex piece of equipment, or give step-by-step instructions for a procedure; with none of the real-world risks.

Live Action Video Icon

Live Action Video

Our in-house studio has everything you'll need to produce world-class live action video. It’s the perfect place to film interviews, green-screen work, and dramatisations that give your content that extra punch.

360 Video Icon

360 Video

360 video allows your learners to completely immerse themselves as they explore the ins and outs of any scene you can dream up.

Branding Icon


A memorable learning experience requires a strong brand identity. We'll help you design a unique brand that makes a bold statement to grab the attention of your customers and employees.

Campaign Strategy Icon

Campaign Strategy

We'll help you define a campaign strategy that ensures your learning is a catalyst for serious behavioural change and increases exposure to your content at your organisation.

Social Media Strategy Icon

Social Media Strategy

We’ll help your organisaiton stand out amongst the noise on social media. Our communication and marketing gurus will help you define a social media strategy that will enable your entire organisation boost your profile across any social network.

Mobile Deployment Icon

Mobile Deployment

Modern learners want to access content on their terms. Our user experience and development teams will ensure your content is optimised for mobile platforms; ready to be viewed anywhere, any time.

Scenario-based Learning Icon

Scenario-based Learning

Scenario-based learning gives people the chance to explore the outcomes of their actions in context. We empower people to see their choices play out in a very real, but safe way.

Voice-Over Recording Icon

Voice-over Recording

Want industry-leading voice actors to feature in your learning package? Our state-of-the-art recording studio is one of the largest in Brisbane. From our own office, we can record and guide them as they bring your videos, characters, and learning content to life.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Our team are pushing the boundaries of immersive experiences with Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR). VR and AR take the learning experience from the two-dimensional world into a fully immersive sensory experience using intuitive and natural styles of interaction. We can guide you through this new learning space and enable you to harness the potential of this powerful, cutting-edge technology.

Our awards!

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Platinum Award for Best Audio

Shiftwork Solutions required a training module that encourages shift workers to make better lifestyle choices. Croomo created an online module that incorporated playful audio elements to accentuate this positive message and the module’s colourful, cartoon-inspired aesthetic. The idea was to create a feeling of engagement and discovery, emphasising the benefits of fatigue management.

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Platinum Award for Best Video

In partnership with Safety Wise, Croomo developed a 3D-animated video that depicts a real-life incident, in which a forklift driver loses control of his vehicles and is injured. The video launched an investigation, providing participants with the key issues for analysis. The video recreated the incident from multiple perspectives, to show participants the important of a thorough and objective interview and investigation process.

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Platinum Award for Best Mobile App

In partnership with the Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit, Croomo developed a platform-agnostic mobile app that demonstrated relevant medical procedures and processes for neonatologist and medical students. The app features an anatomically-correct 3D-animated infant to demonstrate what happens ‘beneath the skin’.

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Gold for Best Risk Management Project

In partnership with Incitec Pivot Limited, Croomo created a suite of online training modules to demonstrate the importance of effective risk management, and ensure that all employees understood the steps required to identify, classify and report a risk.

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Gold Award for Best eLearning Development Company

In recognition our ongoing partnership with Safety Wise, we were awarded Gold Award for Best eLearning Company. The award recognizes our exceptional commitment to working collaboratively to create training that not only helps to develop outstanding investigators, but also saves lives. This project also won a platinum award for the ‘Best Video’ category.

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Gold Award for Best Workplace Health and Safety Project

In partnership with Incitec Pivot Limited, Croomo created a suite of online training modules to reinforce workers’ understanding of the 4P’s (Passionate Leaders, People, Procedures and Plant), and how these fundamental principles connect to the vital WH&S daily practices. The project featured motion-captured characters, and a fresh, engaging inductor video.

Croomo Award Icon 2017 LearnX

Gold Award for Best Wellbeing Project

In partnership with Shiftwork Solutions. Shiftwork Solutions required a training module that encourages shift workers to make better lifestyle choices. The focus of the module was to teach shift workers about the factors contributing to fatigue; and then give them easy, practical tips for managing these factors.

Croomo Award Icon 2016 LearnX

Silver Award for Best Induction

In partnership with QUBE. QUBE contacted Croomo to design an organisation-wide Safety, Health and Environment induction that would align training across all divisions of the organisation. The training ensures consistency in the understanding of current best practice and ensures that procedures are applied uniformly along the chain.

  • 2016 LearnX Platinum Award for Best in Occupational Health and Safety

  • 2016 LearnX Gold Award for Best eLearning Development Company

  • 2016 LearnX Silver Awards for Best Induction

  • 2015 LearnX Gold Award for Best Interactive Scenario

  • 2015 LearnX Platinum Award for Best Use of Video

  • 2015 BrandonHall Best Unique or Innovative Learning & Development Program

  • 2015 Lord Mayor's Business Awards Finalist for High Growth Business Start-Up

  • 2014 BrandonHall Platinum Award for Best Induction

  • 2013 LearnX Finalist for Best Blended Learning Model

  • 2013 LearnX Finalist for Best Learning Team

  • 2013 LearnX Platinum Award for Best Video

  • 2013 BrandonHall Gold Award for Best Use of Video for Learning

  • 2012 MADC Award for Best Logo and Brandmark Design

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