3 Keys to Unlocking Innovative Thinking in your Industry

Lack of creative confidence can be debilitating when working within an innovative industry. It can result in being afraid to put ideas on the table during meetings or giving up on a creative pursuit entirely because you don’t believe in your own creative abilities. The good news is we all have the potential to be creative people, and unlocking amazing ideas is just a matter of confidence and practice.

Build your creative confidence

Fear is one of the main inhibitors of creativity. Building confidence takes time and patience and it starts by easing up on how critical you are of your own ideas. We are usually our own biggest critics and it can sometimes stop us from sharing our ideas with others. Brainstorming sessions and workshops are about getting all ideas down, so don’t worry – no one is judging your suggestions.

Failure is part of the process

Remember that no one comes up with perfect ideas that are fully formed. At first, these things take time and are built upon. Failure is important to grow and practice makes perfect. If an idea doesn’t work out initially, look at the reasons why and develop from those mistakes. Walking away from a project with the mentality that it ‘just wasn’t for me’ won’t help you succeed the next time around.

Collaboration is key

Working with others is a great way to spark your own creativity. Ideas can be bounced around during meetings or workshops and this can yield some interesting and innovative results. Build trust with the people you’re working with and ensure the environment is positive. This will allow everyone to share their ideas without fear of judgment and scrutiny.

Building creative confidence and getting your ideas out there will help you and your team to develop innovative and diverse concepts. Whenever you have doubts about your creative ability, remember that everyone has the potential to be innovative when given the chance.

Sam Martin

Motion Graphics Artist