Croomo delivers safer drivers via interactive training.

Need to induct new employees before they drive company vehicles?

Or, do you want to make sure existing employees are safe behind the wheel — even if they’ve been driving for some time?

While it is important to reduce incidents, vehicle damage and business costs, there are also significant benefits in improving the safety of your employees and the wider community of road users.

When on the road, your drivers represent your company. Therefore, their safety doesn't just impact them; it also affects other drivers, pedestrians, and your entire organisation.

We craft a range of driver safety training for employees and contractors.

Driver Safety Induction

Light Vehicles and 4WDs

Ensure your drivers understand their obligations before they get behind the wheel of a company vehicle. Off-the-shelf version available.


Driver Safety Training

Safer Drivers

Refreshers for safer drivers at any time, or if you want to focus on a particular business problem eg mobile phone use by employees while driving.


Heavy Vehicle and Logistics

Training for drivers of heavy vehicles and employee responsibilities during the transportation of goods.



safer drivers

There are many factors that contribute to being a safe driver. Our effective learning design empowers drivers to take an active approach to road safety by creating awareness of, and practical scenarios for:

  • Fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Seat Belts
  • Substance (alcohol and drugs)
  • Driver distractions, including mobile phones
  • Dirt roads/poor conditions
  • Rollovers; and
  • Ergonomics

as well as how their attitude and behaviour affects how safe they are on the road.

Online training can significantly reduce costs.

We offer flexible approaches that include:

Comprehensive online training

Ease of access anywhere at a time that suits the organisation and the learner.

Blended learning

For when your subject matter still benefits from face-to-face assessment or training.

Specialised, comprehensive induction training

A quick refresher for long-term employees.

We’re excited to formulate your shift-it-online business case with you.

Talk to us about pricing options

With budgets ranging from modest to large, we’ve helped create engaging training for businesses all over Australia covering a range of topics including:

  • Pre-driving inductions
  • Crossing during flood waters
  • 4WD training
  • Chain of Responsibility 
  • Preparing for a learner’s permit test
  • Truck rollovers 
  • Loading vehicles

We’ve also developed a seriously engaging off-the-shelf Driver Safety course, available to any organisation, that examines the rules for driving, strategies to stay safe on the road, and the Fatal 5 driving behaviours. You can access this on GO1.com's Premium Library, within your Clui learning space or your own LMS.

We’re not just experts in driver safety for the workforce, but when drivers are learning, too.

Croomo developed the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Road’s revolutionary online learning and assessment program, designed to replace the Learner’s Permit written test.

Best Online Learning Module - PrepL

  • A range of animated and contextual 3D visualisation options.
  • Scenario-based approach to simulate real-life driving problems that learners face. 
  • Courses designed for use across multiple devices including smart phones, tablets and computers.
  • Ease of access anywhere, anytime, at the learner’s pace. 

Croomo brings driver education into the 21st century with:

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