Park Complacency to Drive Safety

Keep your drivers safer on the road

When drivers are on the road in company-branded vehicles, they’re the face of your company. They’re responsible for upholding the reputation, conduct, and professionalism of your organisation. Their safety on the road is paramount, but it doesn’t just impact them. It affects other drivers and pedestrians, as well as how people see your company.

Safe driving has a number of obvious benefits. It keeps your workforce in good health, reduces incidents, avoids injuring other motorists, and reduces costs and loss of time caused by damage to vehicles. So, how do you ensure you have safe drivers?

When it comes to driver safety training, drivers have usually heard the same content repackaged in so many different ways that they’ve stopped listening and may even have become complacent. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they can’t stand to wade through another hour-long compliance elearning program that will quiz them on common sense information.

One of the best ways to break through complacency is to take an unexpected approach. The element of surprise, of something different and fresh, that is bold and engaging will go a long way towards capturing people’s attention. It will help drivers to lower their guard and be open to hearing what’s being said.

Humour can go a long way to cutting through and making a connection with learners. If they’re entertained, it’s easier to forget that they’re doing training, and far more likely that they’ll be receptive to the content.

Pairing comedy with a story to convey your training will go an extra step towards engaging your learners. Give them characters they can relate to and empathise with so that they can make an emotional connection. Offer them a story that feels realistic, like something that could actually happen to them.

All of this will help learners slip into a state of mind similar to when they’re being entertained. It will reduce the urge to argue against the content and will make them more willing to listen. Add to this a polished aesthetic to make the training look enticing, well-written content with just the essential information, make it easy to access, and you’ll have a winning combination.

So the next time you need to update your driver safety training, invest in a solution that will make an impact, connect with your drivers, and help to represent your company reputation when they’re on the road.

Jason Reed

Senior Learning Experience Designer