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The Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit (GSNU) is based out of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, providing lifesaving care to newborn babies from around Queensland. For several years, GSNU had published a textbook of educational materials to medical students, general practitioners, and specialists looking to study aspects of neonatal care. However, sales of this textbook were declining significantly as users switched to online resources. GSNU also faced an issue with their live-action instructional videos: as parental consent forms expired, quality video material had to be replaced by more poorly filmed procedures. GSNU hired Croomo to digitise their learning materials into a more practical quick-reference guide.  

Croomo developed Neonotes in collaboration with GSNU’s expert staff. Throughout the process, we were intent on creating a solution that would effectively serve GSNU’s target audience— experienced doctors, medical students, and individuals with varying levels of technological savvy. Croomo addressed this by carefully organising the information within. Navigation was designed to be intuitive, where individual pages are organised with information embedded in accordion-style menus that reveal more content upon clicking the headings. This way, less experienced users would not be overwhelmed with information, while more experienced doctors could quickly locate the heading they needed.  


In overhauling GSNU’s video content, Croomo’s talented animators created accurate recreations of key procedures, including an lifelike interactive 3D model of an infant that served to demonstrate key symptoms during a ‘Well Baby Check’. These new animations brought clarity and precision to text descriptions, and have served as a fantastic teaching tool for those new to neonatal care.  

Our coding team ensured Neonotes would be accessible on any device or browser, as well as accessible in its entirety offline. The app has been well received by GSNU and users, with the head of the unit, Dr Mark Davies, declaring that “the target audience have loved the app”. Neonotes received the Platinum Award for ‘Best eLearning Design—Mobile App’ at the 2017 LearnX awards.  


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