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The Training Store engaged Croomo to take their 4-6 hour face-to-face FISH! Philosophy culture training program and create online training to provide more interactive learning that’s scalable.

The Training Store’s mission is to create an experience that transforms the workplace. The FISH! Philosophy was inspired by the world-famous Pike Place fish market where they make people’s days by turning a rather boring monotonous task, like selling fish, into a customer service experience filled with laughter, amazement and awe. The FISH! Philosophy tackles common workplace issues, such as unsatisfactory customer service, poor team work, lack of trust and low staff morale and motivation.

Croomo were approached to create online training that companies can buy for their customer experience teams that replaces the books and face-to-face training. We transformed their training into an online program that allows for consistent delivery and is easily shared across entire organisations. This makes the training more affordable for businesses looking to improve their culture, to have a succinct and easy way to share the message with remote and regional locations. The training was a custom development, built in HTML5 incorporating video.

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