Young Guns

Safety Induction + Awareness Campaign


Young Guns is a family-owned business specialising in the loading and unloading of shipping containers across Australia. Their workforce consists of young, casual employees, and turnover is high because of the physically demanding nature of the work.

Young Guns approached us for a training solution that could induct over 700 employees each year in an engaging, online format. Croomo developed the YGCC Online Induction package, which utilised a playful and engaging style and could be delivered in multiple locations while still providing consistent messaging.

The package ensures employees are aware of their job requirements before they commence the role. Our collaborative efforts saw a 40% reduction in average induction time and 60% reduction in training costs

“Croomo developed our initial ideas and requirements into a quality, engaging and compliant product perfectly suited to our target market. We’re looking forward to getting the next module underway.”

Matt Clark
GM Corporate Services – Young Guns

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