Dept of Transport and Main Roads


Queensland’s next generation of young drivers will be the first in the world to undergo online learner driver education program, PrepL,  before they get behind a wheel.

“Croomo worked with us to create something really new and innovative that we think pushed the right sort of buttons. PrepL is absolutely first-class and just so different”.

John Wroblewski
General Manager, Transport Regulation Branch

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Young Guns

Safety Induction + Awareness Campaign

Young Guns increase employee retention rates with innovative induction.

“Croomo developed our initial ideas and requirements into a quality, engaging and compliant product perfectly suited to our target market. We’re looking forward to getting the next module underway.”

Matt Clark
GM Corporate Services – Young Guns

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Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit

Neonotes App

In partnership with the Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit, Croomo developed a platform-agnostic mobile app that demonstrated relevant medical procedures and processes for neonatologist and medical students. The app features an anatomically-correct 3D-animated infant to demonstrate what happens ‘beneath the skin’. The app can be accessed anywhere, anytime with offline functionality.


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Shiftwork Solutions

Fatigue Management

Shiftwork Solutions required a training module that encourages shift workers to make better lifestyle choices. Croomo created an online module that incorporated playful audio elements to accentuate this positive message and the module’s colourful, cartoon-inspired aesthetic. The idea was to create a feeling of engagement and discovery, emphasising the benefits of fatigue management.


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CS Energy

General + Site Induction

CS Energy needed to reduce the time and cost associated with inducting a new employee, while maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of the training. We helped them develop an induction that seriously reduced the cost to the organisation.

“Bringing safety inductions online has been an important milestone for CS Energy. It contributes to significant cost savings, reduces time wastage and provides a symbolic safety message for our business.”

Damon Clarke
Head of Health, Safety and Security – CS Energy

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CS Energy Project


Drilling Induction

The INPEX Drilling team needed an induction, and they needed it fast. We worked closely with their team to create an engaging induction module that leveraged existing video shot on their rig off the coast of Western Australia.

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The Inpex Project


Logo + Investor Pitch Video

Acuven worked with us to create an engaging, sleek and informative presentation to capture the attention of investors. To achieve this, we utilised eye-catching infographics, immersive sound design and refined animation.

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The Acuven Project


Driver Safety Training

We worked closely with Santos to reduce their existing two-day face-to-face driving course to an hour-long online experience followed up with a ‘buddy drive’ on the way to site. Blended learning at its absolute best!

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Santos Driver Safety Training

Suncorp Group


We developed an engaging randomly-generated scenario-based learning module that tests learners on their perception of equal employment opportunity and diversity compliance requirements.

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Suncorp Case Study


Risk Management Training

When Orica approached us in 2014 to develop an extensive risk management learning strategy for their operations across 100 countries, we knew we were dealing with a potential game-changer.

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Safety Wise


Safety Wise and Croomo have been working together for nearly a decade now, creating the best in face-to-face and online incident investigation (ICAM) training. Together, we’ve trained more than 54,000 people around the world!

“We engaged Croomo to future-proof Safety Wise. The progress is exciting, and it’s always great to catch up with the team.”

Gerry Gibb
CEO – Safety Wise Solutions

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Safety Wise Project

Incitec Pivot Limited

Permit to work training

IPL overhauled their entire Permit to Work process, leading the industry in best-practice training. Together, we defined a strategy to communicate the new process to their global organisation.

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The Incitec Pivot Limited Project