Croomo with Pepper

Croomo is excited to be participating in QUT’s Bluebox Robotics Accelerator Program and SoftBank Robotics to explore how robotics may play a role in education and training.

As part of the program, we have been supplied Pepper (pictured above) from SoftBank, a temporary developer licence and ongoing developer support from QUT. Our goal is to validate the potential use case of delivering interactive learning content via Pepper, while tracking the learning records within a Learning Management System (LMS).

Pepper is the world’s first personal humanoid robot that can recognise emotions. Pepper also mimics human behaviours, holding a conversation with a person by looking at whomever is talking. Robots have the potential to enhance how education and training is delivered, by creating engaging and personalised experiences. Croomo is developing a prototype that demonstrates how users may interface with Pepper in real-world education and training applications. We’re eager to explore how Pepper may help to revolutionise the world of online learning!

Pictured above : The crew working with Softbank’s Pepper. From the top clockwise: Developer – Daniel Yalg, Producer – Leigh Donoghue, Founder – Schalk Pienaar, Interactive Designer – Marcus Hoenig, 3D Animator and Compositor – Peter Davis, Interactive Designer , Learning Experience & Sound Designer- Kevin Brew, Humanoid Crew Member – Pepper, Creative Director – Taylor Hobbs, Technical Strategist – Byron Tik

Pictured above: Exploring new dimensions in design and development.

Pictured above: Planning the sprint in a huddle with Pepper.

Byron Tik

Tech Strategist