We are nothing without our people

Access to the best tech in the industry gives us our edge, but people are our most valuable asset. We’ve spent years honing our quirky culture and attracting some of the best talent from around the world.

Schalk Pienaar

Chief Entrepreneur

Our Chief Entrepreneur, Schalk, oversees our constant technological evolution by combining his technical, communication and design expertise. His passion for visual storytelling using the best of new technology motivates us to deliver innovative and fun training solutions underpinned by proven learning principles.

Schalk leads through his international business expertise, experience in strategic communication, branding, and training. Under his command, we’ve evolved to become a recognised industry expert in online learning, boasting multiple corporate clients from across the globe.

When not strategising, building or creating, Schalk can be found spending weekends on the water with his family or risking more broken bones due to his love of extreme sports.

Daniel Bermingham

Chief Growth Officer

Our Chief Growth Officer, Daniel, is passionate about collaborating with clients to create inspiring learning experiences.

He strives to understand each client’s unique circumstances and business drivers in the pursuit of achieving great outcomes for both customers and business units alike. Daniel has diverse experience in digital technology development, spatial science services and business development management within small to medium enterprises spanning over 15 years.

He also has experience in international project management of development projects for disadvantaged communities. This diversity has allowed Daniel to become an excellent communicator and leader within challenging environments. When he’s not obsessing over the ideal cup of coffee (reliant on whole, roasted beans, a good burr grinder, and the perfect pour), he spends time with his family or mountain biking.

Meet The Crew

Brett Wissemann Brett Wissemann

Brett Wissemann

3D Technology & Innovation Lead
Byron Tik Byron Tik

Byron Tik

Tech Strategist

Caitanya West

Studio Coordinator
David Youngman David Youngman

David Youngman

Client Success Executive
Grant Van Zutphen Grant Van Zutphen

Grant Van Zutphen

Motion Graphic Artist

Greg Smith

Post Production & Motion Graphics Artist
James Bartrop James Bartrop

James Bartrop

IT & Systems Manager
James Skelton James Skelton

James Skelton

Digital Producer
Jason Reed Jason Reed

Jason Reed

Learning Experience Designer
Joseph Silipo Joseph Silipo

Joseph Silipo

Front End Developer/Visual Designer
Kevin Brew Kevin Brew

Kevin Brew

Learning Experience & Sound Designer
Leslie Burns Leslie Burns

Leslie Burns

Learning Strategist

Marcus Hoenig

Interactive Designer
Melanie Fuller Melanie Fuller

Melanie Fuller

Maternity leave
Niki Javahery Niki Javahery

Niki Javahery

Senior Graphic Designer
Peter Davis Peter Davis

Peter Davis

3D Animator & Compositor
Sam Motteram Sam Motteram

Sam Martin

Motion Graphics Artist
Steve Jones Steve Jones

Steve Jones

3D Animator & Compositor
Taylor Hobbs Taylor Hobbs

Taylor Hobbs

Creative Director
Wayne Bell Wayne Bell

Wayne Bell

Head of Sales


Our culture is more than just ping pong tables or the ever-present aroma of roasted coffee beans. For us, it’s about a vibe that permeates everything we do—from the way we collaborate with our clients to the care we put into every cup of coffee we brew.



Yes, we’re creative, but we’re creatures of habit. We celebrate our wins every morning, ship things on Thursdays, and manage to squeeze in the running club, ping pong tournaments, and Friday family lunch too.

Our Tribe

Our Tribe

We’re one big family that just happens to work together. We’ll run wagers on how much your newborn will weigh, and if it will look like an alien or an old man, we go on weird diets together, and help each other move house over the weekend.



Whether we’re sitting or standing, our desks are our homes away from home, littered with quirky desk candy. We skateboard between offices, have a colourful render farm, and a gong that’s rung in emergencies.



And then there’s our coffee. Feel free to stop by for a cup sometime...