Virtual Training

Immersive training can be delivered on a desktop, laptop, iPad, and even via Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR).

Croomo's Virtual (or remote) training is created using the latest cutting-edge entertainment technologies.

Digital environments enable you to place your trainees in practical scenarios to practice real world processes. They will learn what they need in everyday work, to recognise faults and how to solve actual problems.

What does Virtual Training look like?

Immersive Training

Immersive - or virtual - training is ideal when a company has a large workforce to train in procedures, but limited resources to train them. We have proven to significantly improve the efficiency of time spent in training; and reduce the reliance on operational stock by as much as 50%.

In high-risk scenarios and heavy equipment process training, VR eliminates risk while providing realistic situations users might encounter during their work day.

For training that requires costly machinery, our immersive training VR solutions offer significant cost savings as you won’t need to take machinery out of production.

How do you conduct hands-on training without access to machinery?

Check out how we have helped Australia's largest freight operator.

The beauty of virtual training is that it's always available and enables learners  to practise what they need to do on the job – as many times as they need. All while staying in a safe environment, without the need to travel.

Creating virtual environments

A virtual environment enables you to have industry-and role-specific elements you can access at any time.

We can model the virtual setting on a real location, allowing users to practise skills in situ before attending the site in the real world.

We can also create a purpose built virtual training space or, a non-specific training space; for example, a warehouse, a dirt road or a field.

Virtual environments can be populated with characters, each of whom has a specific role to play. Learners can interact with fully functional, industry-specific machinery and equipment.

See just some of the awe-dropping characters we have created.

Virtual training enables you to improve value, by maximising training time on digital versions of revenue-earning equipment.

For AR, we offer a range of solutions including:

Interactive Print

Instructional AR

Mixed Reality (MR)

A virtual experience might be the right solution for a specific procedure or set of skills you want learners to practise, but there’s usually more to training than that.

Often it works best within structured, facilitated sessions with supporting materials and classroom activities. Our crew can help with these too.

Our team is constantly testing with users; and optimising to ensure all users stay comfortable while using our solutions.

When we generate a virtual environment, we need to create digital assets to populate it.

Digital assets offer ongoing value to your business, as they can be repurposed for a variety of training strategies.

With our help, an evolving future proof asset library emerges, compatible with past and future projects, unlocking a variety of complementary learning materials.

Leveraging digital assets in other materials.

These same asset libraries enable:

  • Animation coupled with a professional voice over to help explain complex concepts.
  • eLearning module components.
  • Face-to-face training components.
  • Printed material components.
  • VR and AR projects and environments.

Re-usable Digital Assets

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